Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome back hair

Welcome back to the hair that I never imagined in a million years would ever leave my head.. unless I did it voluntarily, which is definitely not what happened! I knew cancer was going to take away my hair but I wasn't prepared for it to happen so quickly. But at least I can it is a gradual and graceful process. I imagined rough patches falling out in big clumps from my head but that is far from what  actually happened. 

A plus side to my hair falling out was that I knew healthy hair was going to grow back after my treatment. After years of dying my hair every colour under the sun, the one positive I knew I was going to gain would be my natural hair colour again! You will hear nurses say that it may return a different colour and may be curly. As of now my hair continues to grow straight but the colour is a lighter shade of brown compared to my naturally dark brunette hair I had prior to diagnosis.  

My initial thoughts were to take pictures often to record the rate at which my hair was growing, but as life does, it gets in the way and I ended up not taking pictures of my hair growth as frequently as I first anticipated. Therefore, the following pictures show my lousy attempt at keeping track of both my hair loss and growth throughout the last 6 months or so. The first pictures shows a mass amount of my hair that fell out within seconds in the beginning of January 2015. The picture that follows shows my joyful face at the mere fact of having to wear a cheapo wig.

Pictures speak a thousand words

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