Thursday, 4 February 2016

World Cancer Day

Together, we can do something about it.

This time last year, I posted a picture on social media which represented my on-going battle with Leukaemia. This year, I post a picture, not with the intention of making it about myself, but for the thousands of other people, whether young or not, battling this dreadful disease.

The positivity that I felt coming across this picture on the internet was empowering. We can find a cure, but most importantly, we can all beat cancer when faced with it one day. Facing cancer with a negative mind frame can constantly set you steps backwards, but with a positive mind, your instantly 10 steps forwards. Tell yourself you can and ban the word 'cant'.

It is extremely over-whelming for me to know that a year ago, cancerous cells were swimming around in my bloodstream and attempting to take over my body, and more importantly, threat to take away my life. Today, I am cancer-free and couldnt feel more liberated. Being set free from a disease that could have taken my life is a feeling like no other. I was determined to not give up my fight, and posted a picture on twitter last year that stated 'Losing is not an option'. It wasnt an option, and it shouldnt be for any of the people fighting cancer this year, and the many more years to come.

Although World Cancer Day brings a huge amount of awareness of the presence and effects of cancer from across the globe, it is important to remember that cancer is happening every day. Not just on the 4th of February. Seven teenagers and/or young adults are told the heart wrenching news that they have cancer everyday. Perhaps one day, this news would not be as heart wrenching due to the findings of curative treatments. Research is continuously being tested and developed everyday. Without the much needed funding, it wouldnt be possible. So next time you walk past someone standing in the freezing cold, collecting spare change for cancer research or related charities from passer by's as they continue their daily routine, think about how that spare change could literally change someone with cancers life. You never know, that someone, could be you someday. 

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