Friday, 26 February 2016

Stop & smell the roses

Today, I experienced an annoying occurrence that every female can relate too.. I got a hole in my leggings. Something so small, can bring so much frustrate. Maybe not even the fact of the hole in the leggings, but having to go out of your way to go to a shop and fork out a fiver (its criminal if plain black leggings are any more expensive) for a new pair. No matter how many pairs of leggings you own, there will never be enough. Either someones borrowed a pair, someones stolen a pair, a pair is in the washing basket or they've vanished into thin air.

This particular pair of leggings weren't your average plain pair and I was pretty fond of them. Lets just say I spent alot more than a fiver on them. To put the cherry on top, my boyfriend decided it was funny to stick his finger in the what I thought could be salvagable hole, and make it ten times worst. Thank you Lukas darling.

But this post isn't about making holes in leggings.

This post is about remembering the values and importance of life.

Whilst I had a moan up about the discovery of the hole in my leggings, my boyfriend said he made the hole worst because of the fact I was moaning in the first place. I continued to have a moan, before I said "theres worst things in life". I had survived a car accident, beaten cancer and I had the audacity to moan about never being able to wear a pair of leggings again. In a way, it was refreshing as it allowed me to think that my mind has gone back into the zone of thinking like a normal teenager again, but it also made me thought that things tend to get worst before we realise the real important things in life. I know its a silly way of getting a message across, through a hole in my leggings, but its a message I believe is sometimes forgotten as we continue to get on with our ordinary, chaotic lives.

Sometimes, we all need to stop and smell the roses.

We have all been blessed with the gift of life. But what is the point if your not living a life for yourself? Stop running around after others, stop giving in to those extra shifts at work, stop wondering 'why me?'. Give yourself time to reflect on what you are doing, what you have done and what you want to do. What is really important in life, for you? Take a look around yourself, as we can all get lost in where or who we surround ourselves with. Take a little time to notice the things that others are overlooking.

Focus on the good for once, as the bad tends to occupy our minds the most.


  1. Very thought provoking this is such a great metaphor for remembering the important things.. I really hope that you can every now and then put everything you've been through aside momentarily and get caught up in the mundane and trivial things that happen on a daily basis, however you more than anyone are able to appreciate how much of a luxury it is to get wound up by such small things.. You are an inspiration not just by virtue of what's happened to you but by the fact that you take the time to share your thoughts in such an honest way.. Wishing you continued health and strength to carry on through all your life's challenges , you are beautiful on the inside and out.. Auntie M xxx

  2. I purchased the black pair and basically want to live in them! I did purchase these at a discount and I will enjoy answering any questions about the product! Feel free to ask away, I am glad to help. That being said, I love the workout leggings so much I will definitely be ordering more in the future!