Friday, 1 January 2016

1st January

This time last year, I laid in my hospital bed over new years & welcomed 2015 on a teenage cancer ward. This year, I welcomed 2016 quietly with friends and reflected on what a roller-coaster year I had. I had been waiting to say goodbye to 2015 for so long, and now I happily can. The year that brought me down on so many low levels, which has only allowed me to appreciate the highs so much more. I am extremely thankful for the help I received last year and most importantly thankful for my much improved health and the relief of being in remission.

 I am more than ready for a bigger, better and healthier 2016. 

So, I welcome January with a positive mind and attitude. Happy, Happy, Happy New Year. 


  1. I have followed your ordeal and think you are a great, inspirational person, I would like you to know you have the support of many more than you realise x

    1. Thank you for making my day! Much appreciate all the support x x

  2. Happy New year!!!May god bless you with Good Health and happiness!!!

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