Thursday, 29 October 2015

The greater things in life for us

Cancer comes with a whole bag full of negatives that can weigh you down, so it's difficult to see pass that and allow yourself to open your eyes to the positive things that cancer has to offer. It is hard to believe that there even are positives, but I promise you they are hiding there somewhere. The biggest positive I now see since my cancer diagnosis is realising a huge life lesson; learning not to take things for granted and to appreciate the little things; like a hug from family members or the fact that your living and breathing another day. If your lying in bed.. get up, go out, make the most of the 24 hours you have ahead of you because the hours left in your life is always decreasing, so if your able to do something with your day, do it. 

So, can cancer really be easy? Well no, but there are things that will make your battle with this dreadful disease that little bit easier and may motivate you to keep going. These 'things' I keep mentioning are charities that dedicate their time and efforts in making life easier and more enjoyable for cancer patients. The majority of charities I personally associate myself with are based on my age, eighteen, but if your an older adult, I know there are plenty of charities out there that can help you also such as

At the beginning of my diagnosis, I was handed leaflets and information packs based on charities that could help make my cancer journey a little less daunting. I was haven't any of it. I dimly smiled and kindly thanked the nurse that had provided me with these sheets of paper that had 'cancer' written all over it and then told my mum to put them away. I didn't want to know who or what could help me, I was still trying to accept my diagnosis, let alone how it could be made easier.

It was only when I started getting a little chatty with another cancer patient in the hospital bed next to me when I decided to look into those leaflets and information packs I have previously abandoned. My mum knew not to throw them away as I was likely to come around sooner or later, which I thankfully did. This sweet girl, similar to my age, gushed about what amazing experiences some of the charities had provided her with and how meeting people in a similar or same position as her outside of a hospital environment was rewarding and allowed her to make new friends. This was the moment when I decided to sign up and put my name down for charities that claimed they could help me. I can now assure you, I wasn't disappointed. 

As of now, I am a part of many charities which include Teens Unite, Ellies FriendsThe Teenage Cancer Trust and Clic Sargantjust to mention a few.  These charities have helped me over come my fears, helped me with my future goals and given me more support than I could have ever imagined. I have been given the oppourtunity to comfortably feel a part of something once again after my diagnosis. I have been provided with exciting experiences and activities to take part in which has allowed me to laugh and enjoy life again, something that I thought couldn't be done when I was newly diagnosed. If you are feeling reserved about becoming a part of a charity like I was initially, then it is okay and understandable to feel that way, but honestly, signing my name up has been one of the best things I have ever done. 

Ellies Friends - Celebrity Juice 
As stated on their website, Ellies Friends goal is to give adults living with cancer the oppourtunity to enjoy life, not just survive it! For me, this goal was definitely achieved when this amazing charity provided me with a pair of tickets to watch Celebrity Juice live; a show I have watched in the comfort of my home for years. Not only was I given tickets to watch the show, but me and my boyfriend were given vip treatment from start to finish - relaxing at the bar in the beginning, comfortably watching the show and then hanging out with the stars themselves afterwards with the helpings of a free bar. I can't thank Ellies Friends enough for giving me and my boyfriend a night full of smiles and laughter. But it doesn't just stop there, they have also given me a pair of London Aquarium Tickets which I am waiting to use at the right moment. For an animal nerd like me, especially with most of my favourite animals being aquatic, these tickets are a real treat and I can't wait to use them. It is small and selfless charities like these that have greater impacts on cancer patients lives and helps bring back some normality, because chilling with celebrities is the definition of normal.  

Teens Unite - Thorpe Park Fright Night 
Teens Unite Fighting Cancer is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults within the ages of 13 - 24 with cancer or other life limiting illnesses. Their mission statement is - To help young people build on their self esteem, self confidence and to reduce the feeling of isolation, realising that others are facing similar challenges. Not only is this statement incredibly accurate, but the charity goes above and beyond it. I have been a part of this charity for a while but for unfortunate and annoying treatment related reasons, it has taken me awhile to attend one of their events or days out. Even when I knew I was unable to make the days, a member of the team would contact me anyway just to make sure I was aware of that particular day and that I wasn't missing out for any other reason. I always felt like I was kept in the loop even though I was yet to attend an event which made me feel a part of the charity even if I wasn't physically. It was only recently, and by recently I mean two days ago, that nothing came in my way to prevent me from attending Teens Unite's Thorpe Park Fright Night day. I absolutely love roller coasters and I hadn't been in years because the lengthy queuing always put me off. I was desperate to actually get involved with this charity on another level so I sucked it up and off I went to Thorpe Park. Luckily for us, we were given vip access to the park and every ride we wished to go on, it felt like a couple seconds later we were sat in the seat waiting for the ride to take off. I was able to meet young people in the same or similar position with me, and even though we spoke about our illnesses, it was refreshing being able to have general chit chat with others and actually making new friends out of it. It was such a brilliant day full of smiles and laughter the whole way through. I can't thank Teens Unite enough for letting me be a part of this fun filled day and I'm looking forward to joining in with other days too. 

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