Thursday, 1 October 2015

1st October

I am definitely ready for golden and misty mornings, crisp air, darker and longer evenings and to watch the beauty of nature unravel around me. Personally, this time of year is one of my favourites and also close to my heart as it is breast cancer awareness month. 

Its starting to become almost acceptable to bring out your big winter coats (especially with the great british weather we endure). It will start to become more difficult for cancer patients to find warm clothing that allows their port or pic-line to be easily accessed.. But cosying up by the fire (or a radiator will do) with a warm drink after a long day of treatment will make it better - apologies for being so damn cliché. If someone is feeling too rough to go out after their treatment they won't feel so left out at this time of year due to a large percentage of brits choosing to spend their weekends indoors in favour for tv shows like the x-factor and strictly come dancing. 

I haven't even mentioned the best bit.. Halloween. You'll have a good 31 days to decide on your chosen fancy dress outfit, preferably something a little more outside of the box and avoiding the obvious witch, devil or sexy cat idea. As a child I was not allowed to trick or treat as my mum didnt believe in the silly American tradition, but as I've grown older I have become to quite childishly love this day that comes around once a year! (Sorry mum). So, Hello October. 


  1. Hey Alexandra,

    I love reading your blog. :)

    I absolutely agree with you, fall is an amazing time of year. It's great to sit by a warm fire with a nice cozy blanket and read a good book or magazine.
    I have never been to Europe, but as an American we do make a big deal out of halloween. haha.

    1. Hi Shelby

      Aw thank you so much! It's lovely to hear some feedback as I just recently worked out how to allow people to comment on my blog! If you can't already tell by my extremely basic layout I am not a blogging wizard.

      England is beautiful at this time of year and I personally thinks it's one of the best times to visit London if you ever considered it.

    2. Honestly, I would love to!! I need to look into it sometime. I'm from Georgia.

      Of course! I'm an avid reader of your blog, so just fyi you have a reader over here in the US. haha
      Also, I thought your layout was beautiful. :)

      Do you plan on dressing up at all for Halloween?

    3. I would definitely recommend it. Oh lovely, I have been to Florida & Miami before but year's ago.

      Aw many thanks yet again!

      Yes I do but I haven't thought of a good idea yet so I better start thinking!

    4. Aw, very cool!! My parents live in Florida... Miami is nice but I think I prefer Orlando because of Disney World. haha. Have you been to disney?

      I've heard there is a disneyland in France, and I think that would be a cool place to visit..

      Of course! :)

    5. Apologies for the extremely late reply! Life just seems to get in the way at times.

      I never went to Disney when I visited Florida, I just wasn't really into it at the time but I now look back and regret it as I absolutely childishly love everything and anything Disney. Disneyland Paris is mean't to be amazing! Paris in general is beautiful. I don't think it lives up to Disney World in Florida but I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to go to Disneyland with me!