Friday, 15 May 2015

Teenage love & teenage cancer

Since 2012 it is safe to say we have been through our fair share of ups and downs. Not exactly with each other, but in our own lives. The up's allowed us to appreciate one another and the downs made us stronger as a couple and supportive of one another. So, being diagnosed with cancer as a teenager was a huge downer and it will test & strain our relationship in ways we couldn't imagine or even prepare for.

Not only was my world crumbling down due to my diagnosis but everyone I loved was being brought down with me, including Lukas.

I can honestly say that this guy has seen me at my happiest and saddest points in my short life. I hope this continues and he see's me at the point of my last ever chemotherapy session (expected to be in 2017). I wouldn't want to cry on anyone else's shoulder, I wouldn't want anyone else to tell me its going to be okay, I wouldn't want anyone else by my hospital bedside, I wouldn't want to share my steroid induced rages with anyone else (sorry) and I certainly couldn't imagine going through this without him.. So, thank you & I love you.

Our 2 year anniversary.. Just 6 weeks later our world was turned upside down.

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